Hard Disk Partition without re-installation of Windows

Hard Disk Partition without re-installation of Windows

In this article i am going to show you the easiest way of making Hard Disk Partition without loosing the data.

Follow the step by step guide:

Step 1 : Right click on My Computer / This PC [in windows 10], mine have windows 10 so, i have This PC.


This PC -> Manage


Step 2: Click on Manage and it will show you the below options.


This PC -> Disk Management

Step 3: Click on disk management and it will show you the list of hard disk available in your system. Now Right Click on the hard drive from which you want to make the partition / another hard drive. Here i am using C as an example.


Disk Management - > Shrink Volume

Step 4: Click on the shrink volume and it will show you the below screen.


size of the hard disk partition

Step 5: Enter the amount of MB’s, you have to enter the amount only in MB, like i am enterning the 20000 almost 20 GB, then click on Shrink. It will create an Unallocated [which you can not use until you made a sample volume from it, it is in same state like when you delete the partition] hard drive.


unallocated partition


Step 6: Right Click on the unallocated and the click on New Sample Volume and follow the Next procedure until it creates the volume. When it first creates the new volume it will Format it then you can be able to use the new hard disk partition.


New Sample Volume


Remember: In Window 10 you can not be able to create more then 3 partitions, as this is the limit of it. If you try to create it will show this error popup.


Partition warning message

So, now you have successfully created your new volume. There are cases when you need an extra space in your C Drive, and you have choise left except re-installing the Windows. In such case you can give a quick try to the below process.

Step 1: Go to your disk management and click on the hard disk you want to remove, this is necessary because you have to first delete on of your partition which you created from C, then it will be add to your C drive.

Note: Before deleting the hard disk partition, first move your important data from the hard disk of that part, because it will erase everything on that part of hard disk.

Step 2: Now Right Click on the partition which space you want to your C Drive, then click on Delete Volume. After deleting the volume, it will show an unallocated like:


unallocated partition

Step 3: Now Right Click on it and click on Extend Volume.


Extend volume C


It will show the list of unallocated hard disks, then simply select the hard disk and follow the next procedure.


select the unallocated hard disk


It will re-add the space to your C drive.


Hope this guide will help you to make partitions simply and fast.

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