IDM [internet download manager] hacks and tricks

IDM [ Internet Download Manager] is a software tool for Windows only to download files from the internet automatically.

Idm is the most popular downloading tool nowadays, as more and more people are using it because of its flexible and easy use.



As i am using the cracked version of IDM so it will not not show any popup for registration. You can download as many file as you can. just install it and set / allow it in your browser, it will automatically detected / accepted by your browser.

You can also download a file by clicking the Add Url Button on the top left side and it will open a popup like:


just enter you desired url and it will start downloading the file, the rest of the thing depends on your Internet Connection, if you are not browsing or using the internet for other task, then IDM will use all of the internet speed for your file and download it as soon as possible.

On 1 MB connection its downloading speed is 120 kb/sec and so on..

Normally IDM distribute the file in 8 parts / connection and get the files from 8 connection so if one connection is down it will not stop downloading the file. There is one simple trick i like about IDM regarding the distribution of files in parts.



As you saw the above screen shot, go to Options -> connection

and change the connection speed / type to one you are using and default max conn number to 32 and save it, after this setting your file will be distribute into 32 parts and it will be downloading more fast as compare to the 8 parts settings.


There is also another cool feature of IDM which i want to share with you guys.

If you want to download the full playlist from youtube [ Hope you know how to get the playlist link ], then first go to  youtube multi download .



Then enter the url of play list in the url text box and select the quality of video and press Download, it will fetch all the videos containg in that playlist and provide you a url.


copy that url and go to IDM, press Task ->Add batch download from clipboard, it will automatically get url you copay and fetch the videos list from the youtube playlist.

select the desire folder and press OK and you  are done.


Hope this article will help you.

If you want the cracked version then please put it in the comment, i will try to provide you the latest link.

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