Utorrent & BitTorrent Pro


Utorrent & BitTorrent Pro


In this article i am going to teach you “What is Utorrent & BitTorrent Pro” & “How torrents tools works”.

What is Utorrent & BitTorrent Pro?

UTorrent and BitTorrent Pro are both torrent clients through which we can download files from the internet.



So, Let’s start from the BitTorrent version. BitTorrent is a torrent tool which helps you to get files from torrent site like extratorrent [now closed] or from any other torrent sites. There are three Pakages available of BitTorrent, below is the screen shot of the difference.


bittorren features


As you guys know that almost every software in the market has two version, one is FREE and the other is PRO, in the above screen shot you will see the difference between the free and the pro.

The one i am using is the Pro, and will teach you every thing i know and i can get for you guys…

So, how you know that you have the PRO version or FREE? Simply click on help tab on the top right section of the BitTorrent and it will popup a screen like:


BitTorrent pro



UTorrent has the same functionality as BitTorrent, below is the screen shot of UTorrent site.


UTorrent features

UTorrent features


How torrents tools works?

So, there are couple of things you have to know about the torrent clients.

What is Seeds in Torrent?

Seeds are the peers [ clients / users] who already download the torrent files and now its uploading the file back. When a file is complete or downloaded completely it status become seeding and the color changes to green.

seeding torrent file

seeding torrent file

What is Leechers in Torrent?

Leechers are the peers [ clients / users] who is currently downloading the file and did not yet completely download it.

Note: when downloading the file from the torrent site, first check the file seeders and leechers, if the seeders are more then leechecrs then the file will be downloaded fast, if the leechers are more then seeders then the file will be downloaded slow, because other users are downloading it at the same time.

peers or leachers or users

What is Trackers in Torrent?

Trackers are the servers which keeps tracks or record of the users Swarm [currently how many peoples are downloading and uploading the same files].

torrent file trackers

Note: The more live tracker you have in the file the fast it will download.

What is Pieces in Torrent?

Pieces are the parts of the files. The file will distribute in many pieces and of different sizes, to get the file as fast as it can.

torrent file pieces / parts


Now lets move to the torrent file setting.

Limit the Upload Limit

when you add torrent file for downloading, the first of all Right click on the selected file and go to ->Bandwidth Allocation->Upload limit and set it to 1 KB/s [this is the minimum available], this change will boost your file downloading speed, the main reason for the recommendation for this change is that, if you did not made the uploading limit to 1 KB /sec by-default the upload limit is unlimited and the file is downloading as well as uploading so it consume some of your speed like on 1 MB internet connection it takes 25 to 28 KB/sec uploading speed.


torrent file upload limit setting


Priority of file

If there are a lots of files and you want some specific file urgently as compare to other files then you have to either pause the other files or set the priority to HIGH of the desired file. To set the priority to high right click on file ->Priority->High / Low / Normal. By-Default it is set to Normal. Setting the priority to HIGH will download the file fastly.


priority of files


Scan for Virus [only in pro version]

If you have the Pro version of torrent client then there is also a option available for the “scanning the downloaded /downloading file”. Scanning will take time but it will remove the virus from your file if it contains any.


scan torrent file

Don’t Download


This option comes to handy when you only want one file to be downloaded in a package / folder of  files. Just right click on the main file or select all those file then right click on it and set the option Don’t Download.


don't download torrent file


Adding Trackers


Adding extra trackers to your torrent file will bost the downloading speed. You can get the tracker for your file from other torrent site or from the internet. After getting trackers copy it and then Right click on your torrent file ->properties

add extra trackers to torrent file

then add your trackers files into the highlighted text box.


Hope you guys now know how to use the torrent client / software, and the difference B/W FREE and PRO version.

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